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Spa Guru + Foundress of ARTISANskin, Amal Elbahnasawy


Our Foundress, Amal Elbahnasawy, created the ARTISANskin brand in hopes of shaking up the green beauty industry. Breaking stereo types, world domination, and affordable, natural skincare are just a few of her aspirations. 

Amal’s background

Former spa director, turned consultant of new spa developments, turned artisan of a glamorous (YES! Apothecary can be glamorous) skincare lifestyle brand. She's acquired over a decade's experience in the spa industry and learned a thing or two about the importance of ingredients in face and body products. After years of experimenting with formulas, she finally decided to bottle up the magic.

The brand was born one night during a summer holiday in Cairo, Egypt while reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. As is the traditional method of wondrous epiphanies, the ideas just kept rolling in, chapter after chapter. Anyone who's read The Alchemist will understand the connection to the location. That holiday is what kickstarted the birth of ARTISANskin. Researching the history of Egyptian alchemy, led to the discovery of old translations of 'medical' papyrus from Cairo publishers and fueled the fire for new experimentation and ingredients. "I want to make the old, new again,” was the one thought that kept whispering to Amal. And so it was. ARTISANskin.

Amal’s message

If people could collectively come to the understanding that for thousands of years, everything has been right in front of us. Ancient manuscripts, techniques, ways of healing, wellness rituals. All of the earth's ingredients have always been at our fingertips. Every solution is available to be found. Skin improvement is possible without synthetically created ingredients in a lab and yes, it can be just as effective. And it's all just sitting there, waiting for the right artisan to find it and start the creation process. "That's what's beautiful about the apothecary skincare industry, every artisan is unique in their own right. And quality will always supersede quantity."